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Director John Rippon
Since the early 1980s John has been involved in designing and manufacturing quality furniture.

Superior Furniture Craftsmanship
in 1993 John created his own company Insight Furniture Co Ltd. This allowed him to focus on producing furniture that was up to his "high standard". John is known in the industry for his passion for quality workmanship, dedication and unquestionable guarantee, and has built up a manufacturing team that is passionate about the product and what it stands for.

Our Collection of Styles
Insight Furniture is a "follower of fashion". At the same time we recognise there are designs that are simply timeless. We provide our clients with a full range of styles, thereby ensuring that the right style can be found for all occasions and rooms. Be that the "media room" or the "sitting room" clients can be assured that all designs are functional, practical and most important of all, comfortable.

All furniture is available in the fabric or leather of your choice.

Dedicated Clientele
Over the years Insight Furniture has built up relationships with Retails Stores, Interior Designers, Architects and Commercial Designers. Testimony to this relationship, a number of our designers have Insight Furniture couches and chairs in their own homes. At Insight Furniture we work one-on-one with Designers and Architects to achieve absolute satisfaction for the client.

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